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My craft is essentially and organically an art of preservation of naturally occurring wood patterns along with a beautiful unique epoxy designs ​ With so many furniture stores selling contemporary furnishings, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique furniture options. My pieces are dedicated to creating quality handmade furniture and artistically unique home decor products that will last. ​ I began Woodstock slabs as a hobby in the early 2017 and quickly turned into a passion. I built my business from the ground up, with no knowledge about epoxy. I began to teach my self with a few basic youtube videos, but like it is never as easy as it seems to watch a youtube clip and your on your way. The mistakes, errors I faced and money I had spent trying to get it right was really burning my pockets but I would not give up as all that didn't matter because I knew this is what I loved and wanted to do personally. My instinctive appreciation for nature and the earth found me developing my skills with woodwork. As a woodworker the most thrilling part of my creative process is the unique and wonderful patterns discovered within the different types of wood I worked with. Each slab varies in color, character and wood grain. This means no two slabs are the same, making each slab a one of a kind piece. I found my furniture designs evolved over time, mixing in different mediums to achieve new and miraculous designs. My designs range from presenting wood in its rawest form, to wood infused with ink dyed resin. I appreciates the uniqueness and beauty that is discoverable in every piece of wood I work with.

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